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September 18, 2023

Unmasking The

Global Coup D’État:

Mandatory Vaccinations And Censorship (Part 1)

A Meticulously Orchestrated Trap

Aimed At Ensnaring Nations And Relinquishing Their Sovereignty Over Healthcare

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In a world where global powers quietly maneuver behind the scenes, Dr. Nass, a distinguished expert with over three decades of experience in biological warfare and pandemics, has blown the whistle on a chilling plot that threatens the sovereignty of nations and the very essence of human rights. In this comprehensive article, we delve into the heart of the matter, exploring the web of deceit, mandatory vaccinations, and censorship that have come to define our uncertain times.

A Global Coup d’État Unveiled, The Sinister Trap

In a shocking revelation, Dr. Nass exposes a meticulously orchestrated trap aimed at ensnaring nations and relinquishing their sovereignty over healthcare. What appears as a global health crisis, is a brilliantly disguised plot as the WHO has become a tool of manipulation, facilitating a clandestine agenda.

Mandatory Vaccinations, the Globalists’ Ambitious Scheme.

Unveil the ambitious agenda of globalists as they tighten their grip on nations’ governments and the bureaucratic machinery of the WHO.

A shocking plan comes to light—one that threatens to strip away individual freedoms. Are we on the cusp of surrendering our rights in the name of public health?

Dr. Nass unveils a disturbing aspect of the globalist agenda: the rapid development of vaccines, bypassing safety and efficacy protocols. She delves into the dangers of this approach and how it exposes the masses to unforeseen risks. Are we trading long-term safety for hasty solutions?

The End Of Medical Choice, The Elite´s Dream

Tedros, the head of the WHO, is poised to become your personal doctor, dictating what vaccines and drugs you must take during pandemics and which ones not. Dr. Nass uncovers a chilling plan to control every aspect of our health choices. Is this the dawn of a dystopian future where individual liberties are nothing but a memory?

Censorship: Silencing Dissent and Opposition, The Alarming Suppression of Truth

In a world where information is power, censorship emerges as a powerful weapon. Dr. Nass lays bare how globalist forces are tightening their grip on social media and electronic communications. The suppression of dissenting voices and the orchestration of a singular narrative are the new norms. Are we witnessing the death of free speech?

Conclusion: A Call to Vigilance

Dr. Nass’s revelations serve as a wake-up call to all who value freedom, democracy, and the sanctity of human rights. We stand at a crossroads, where global powers seek to strip away our autonomy and impose a new world order in the name of public health.

The battle for sovereignty, individual rights, and freedom rages on, and the time for complacency is over. Armed with knowledge, we can dismantle the web of deceit, reject mandatory vaccinations, and rise against the tide of censorship. The choice is ours—to surrender our rights or to protect them fiercely. In unity, we can write a new chapter in history, one where freedom prevails against the shadowy forces of control.

Warm Warning

We’re reaching out to you once more, with genuine concern in our hearts. Over the years, we’ve consistently voiced our apprehensions about the global elite’s intentions, and it truly pains us that we haven’t witnessed proactive measures to curb the unfolding situation.

Perhaps, during the previous pandemic, you managed to avoid vaccinations, and you might believe you can continue to do so in the future. However, it’s essential to realize that the landscape is changing.

The new financial system being introduced by the elite, known as CBDCs, will have programmable features linked to vaccination status. This means that your ability to work and manage finances could be significantly impacted if you remain unvaccinated. It’s essential to prepare for a future where relying on cash may no longer be an option, as it’s expected to gradually fade away.

We want to remind you that the last time you were well-informed through alternative media channels like us. however, we must be honest and say that in the near future, this may not be an option. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to continue informing you as openly as we have been, because circumstances may force us to go into hiding. We’re facing a situation where they may come for us, making it increasingly challenging to share information that goes against the mainstream narrative. We urge you to keep this in mind as you navigate the path ahead and make decisions for your family’s future.

Call To Action. Believe In Your Self

Perhaps, through our efforts, we’ve managed to awaken you to some extent. However, the next critical step is to work towards preventing the actions of these dark forces now before it´s too late.


You possess a hidden potential within you, one that you might not yet be fully aware of. Perhaps, this is the next stage of your awakening journey—to recognize and believe in the inherent power you hold. Trust in yourself, for you have the ability to influence and shape the world in ways you may have never imagined. Embrace this newfound awareness and unleash your potential to make a positive impact.

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